The Atlanta Opera Guild is a group of opera-lovers who support the performance and appreciation of opera. Together we cultivate a wider public interest in opera and classical singing and support musical programming that enriches the lives of the members of the Atlanta community.
One of the Guild’s main projects is to organize and support the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. The Atlanta Opera Guild members are the primary supporters of the Georgia District Auditions and the Southeast Regional Auditions.
All work and no play makes for a dull organization, so we also enjoy social gatherings –always with live musical programs, of course! –to connect with each other, welcome new members, and provide performance opportunities for artists.
The Atlanta Opera Guild was founded in 1949 through the inspiration of
Miss Lucrezia Bori and the efforts of Mrs. Harold N. Cooledge. True to the
purposes laid out by its founders, the guild has continued to “develop and
cultivate a wider public interest in opera and its allied arts, to further musical
education and appreciation, and to sponsor and give assistance to operatic,
musical and cultural activities of an educational character.”
A high priority at its inception was the guild’s nurturing interest in the Atlanta
performances of The Metropolitan Opera. In this connection instructive and
entertaining operalogues were presented with young singers to overflowing
audiences. Dr. Hugh Hodgson of the University of Georgia was the inspiration
behind these acclaimed seminars. With encouragement from The Atlanta
Opera Guild, the Atlanta Public Schools radio station presented seasonal
programs of music and annotations to reinforce the enjoyment of the current
presentations of the Metropolitan tour. Lavish social functions enticed and
entertained many opera devotees and were germane to the popularity of the
guild in its early years. The annual opera week luncheon attracted hundreds
of regional opera lovers along with internationally acclaimed singers and
other operatic celebrities.
The Atlanta Opera Guild remains keenly aware of the need to work in all areas
of operatic activity. Auditions, workshops, support to local opera companies
and education in opera remain ongoing priorities for guild membership.

Letter from the President

The Atlanta Opera Guild was founded 66 years ago with the objective of supporting and promoting opera in Atlanta. We consist of a membership of ones who enjoy opera and and enjoying friendships of others who also love opera. Some of our activities of the year have been:

* Provided monetary support to:
Harrower Opera Workshop at Georgia State University
The Capital City Opera
The Opera Studio of The Atlanta Opera
Peachtree State Opera Company
The Metropolitan Opera National Council Southeast Region
Audition plus provided an Encouragement Award
* Sponsored and worked with MONC on the Georgia auditions where
thirty-eight young singers competed. We provided awards to three first place winners and three Encouragement Awards.

* We had a very happy holiday party, thanks to our volunteers, to
Ellena Hogrefe who provided a beautiful concert of Music Around
The World, and to the fifty-six members who attended.

Please review and enjoy our website and learn more about us. Those
Who are not members we would welcome you to join us.
William F. Snyder, President